Mission & Vision


Since Historic times, India has been a pioneer in the race for the toll of flavors. So are we situated in land of traditional spices of Rajasthan. Our esteemed network of top spice vendors are pleased suppliers, and exporters of Indian flavors domestically and globally. Among the primary names of spice exporters in India, we set the example for quality and adequacy in the spice trade. Spices of India, being a strong point, we give organic and conventional quality spices and dry products of altogether more taste enhancing collections in Indian spices and nuts.

As indicated by Spice Board India, spice trades have possessed the capacity to record strident picks up in volume and esteem. Spices exported have enrolled considerable development between the most recent five years, enlisting a compound yearly normal development rate of 10% in rupee terms and 5% dollar terms of significant worth and India orders an impressive position in the World Spice Trade. We have contributed to continue the quality and the unique Indian flavor to spread the essence of the premium Indian traditional spices, pulses and dry fruits in India, now it’s time to share the passion globally.

The Spices Board of India works towards the improvement and overall advancement of Indian spices. It gives quality control parameters and certifications, registers exporters, records exchange data and gives contributions to the local government on arrangement matters. The board takes an interest in significant global markets and nourishment exhibitions to promote Indian spices.


Our Vision is simple to spread the spicy flavors to the kitchens of your homes, restro, food chain etc and share and embrace the existence of spices and the number of unimaginable use cases across the industrial, retail and foodservice segments, always improving to give clients over the globe with an outstanding quality product and value for money. We need you to like our spices as much as we love them. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with your buy for any reason, please call or email for grievances.